Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm Still Voting "Data"

Jay (of The Incredibly Lame Blog) and wife have done the unthinkable and decided to spawn. As much as I'm not a kid person, I do love naming things. And presumably their bouncing baby thing will eventually need a title by which to be called or at very least be listed by in police records.
Now I know that they're having trouble agreeing on a name. So I've decided to be as helpful as I possibly can and start The Baby Name List Of Awesomeness 2007/2008! (I'll try and add to this as often as I can over the next couple of months.)
You don't have to thank me Jay, this is just my gift to you, wifey and your offspring.
And without further ado I give you my name suggestions! (List aside, my vote will always be firmly "Data".)

- Jean-Luc
- Kermit
- Rolf
- William
- James Tiberius
- Beaker
- Floyd Pepper
- Janice
- Stephen Colbert Jr.
- Bones
- DeForest
- Montgomery
- Uhura
- Chekov
- Sulu
- Khan
- Gilligan
- Majel
- Algernon
- Oscar
- Cecily
- Gwendolen
- Hannibal
- Julius

(If you're planning on having two children, I definitely suggest naming the Ash and Trey.)

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