Friday, April 21, 2006

Point of interest

I found this site today. I think it's great, so I'm sharing it.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

That whole "Freedom" thing again (or, excuse my rant)

Jesus Christ on Crutches! I am getting so sick and tired of the over zealous, self-righteous, loud mouthed religious right walking around thinking that the rights and freedoms in this country serve and protect only them.
I've said it before and because of these assholes I'll say it a million more times, THEY PROTECT EVERYONE! That's EVERYONE, in case you didn't catch that, including people you don't agree with!
I bring this up because my brother just relayed a story to me and I couldn't help but be annoyed (if you hadn't noticed already). He was telling me that on Monday he and a friend were out for wings at a near by restaurant. He and his friend were minding their own business when their waitress came to their table. She tells them that another patron had sent her over to inform my brother's friend that his shirt is offensive (religiously offensive). They tell her that it really isn't her job to be playing messenger and to tell the complaining patron that they don't care, freedom of religion. She did. The patron then starts going on about how they "shouldn't be allowed out in public", the waitress tells him she's not passing messages any more.
At this point in the story I was annoyed. What kind of douchbag sends a waitress over with messages like that? And where does he get off saying my brother and his friend shouldn't be allowed out in public? Fuck you, guy.
Then my brother goes on to tell me that this guy, not having his personal messenger any more, decides to walk over to their table and harass them some more. He tells them that he's going to speak to the manager and have them banned from the restaurant and how they must think they're real clever hiding behind their freedom of religion.
Well sir, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of it yourself.
We're back on the subject of freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom, freedom, freedom.
And I want to get one thing straight - I'm not mad at this guy because he was offended. It's his right as a human being to feel offended. This guy pisses me off because he thinks that his rights outweigh my brother's or his friend's. He pisses me off because he feels it's his right to harass people around him, in public, based on his religious beliefs. He pisses me off because he would say something like "they shouldn't be allowed in public". (Yeah, I know I'm repeating that one - but that really pissed me off.)
That's right asshole, you're out in public. Where does it say that you're guaranteed not to be offended by anything, ever, out in public?
And wait just one second - I though your religion was supposed to be about acceptance and forgiveness and loving your fellow man (so long as it's not that "gay" kind of lovin'), turn the other cheek and all that. Oh, shit, sorry. I forgot, those pleasantness only extend to you fellow "christian man". Heathens and blasphemers don't count. You can shit on them all you like. Right? 'Cause we're going to hell anyway.
Fuckin' jerkoff.

God Damn!

I'm sick. Again.
Two lung infections inside of three months is really not cool and I'm getting really tired of being sick.
Stupid everything.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From me to you 11

If you're afraid of something, rational or not, and someone tells you you're being stupid or that "it's not that bad" - Punch them. Do it for me. Crack them right in the face. They obviously aren't afraid of anything and have no idea what it's like to be in the midst of a panic attack. These people aren't human and should be dealt with harshly.

If your kid is screaming at top volume for more that 3 or 4 minutes, in public maybe it's time go. Babies can't tell you how tired of shopping they are, so they scream and yet somehow this seems to escape a lot of parents. Trust me, I caught the message. About an hour and a half ago. There is nothing you need so badly as to be tourturing your kid and every person in the store.

You offically know someone too well when you find yourself in the bathroom helping them Nair their back.

Hospitals suck. A lot.