Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Blogiversary To Me

Who knew that when I started writing this garbage it would last three years? Not me, that's for damn sure. But here we are, three years older and wiser, well... older anyway and still going strong. Hopefully I've at least made a few people laugh and that you've enjoyed yourselves so far. Please feel free to send money, gifts, cards, etc.
I would also like to take this opportunity to announce the launch of a new site, not to replace this one, not at all but to join it. So I hope you'll all help me give a warm welcome to The Gwenhwyfar Letters.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Yes, I Am Still Here

Honestly, I'm starting to think my internet use is becoming a problem. I go offline for a week and I have people immediately assuming I'm dead. What does that say about me?
Really I just had too much to do to get near the computer lately. Not that any of what I had to do was interesting, it was just keeping me busy and paying me money. Oddly enough, the internet never pays me to stay online. Personally I think it should, but the last time I brought that up we got in to this huge fight and everyone said things they didn't really mean. We didn't talk for a while but eventually we went for coffee, we cried and hugged and made up, so I think it's best not to bring it up again. Right?
So just a quick catch up...

- My eye has healed completely, without any scarring. Part of me is a little disappointed. I mean, it made me look pretty bad ass.

- Somehow I ended up driving my friend to the airport so she could go to Australia for two months, letting her park her car at my house while she's gone and agreed to be a contact for the lady who is feeding her cats. I strongly considered knocking her out, stealing her ID and taking her trip instead.

- Tonight I'm heading to Mozart in the Meadow with my grandmother because that's what all the cool people are doing these days.

- For the better part of the last week I've been working for my mom's friend taping and folding folders. This somehow manages to be even less fun than it sounds. The only up sides are a) getting paid for helping and b) there's a TV and Wed. was a full day of Edward G. Robinson on TCM.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dear Yahtzee,

Or is it Ben? Or Mr. Croshaw? Does it really matter?
I wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you that I love you. I love you in a way that only a bitchy canadian blogger can love a fast talking, angry british game reviewer. Please don't ever stop ranting, it's just so damned sexy.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sweet What?

I was over at the consumerist going through their many many stories of consumer lameness when I came across a letter one man had written about McDonald's bullshit drink policy. Now as interesting as the overall story was I couldn't help but be distracted. The guy kept referring to "Sweet tea".
I went out on a limb and assumed that "sweet tea" is the same as ice tea, but is that assumption correct? Is it some kind of american thing? Who the fuck calls it "sweet tea"? Is there no such thing as ice tea in this bizarro world of "sweet tea"? I'm so confused!

Monday, August 04, 2008

I Wasn't Even Pretending To Be A Ghost

My cat is special. The kind of special that would have him wearing a helmet and taking the little yellow bus to school if he wear a person. He is also afraid of a ridiculous array of things. Like oven mitts for example. So for the most part, nothing much surprises me any more but last night he managed to shock me.
I got new sheets for my bed. They're nothing fancy, just white sheets with red and orange stripes. So I striped down the bed and threw my other sheets in the wash, remade the bed, no problem. Right?
Apparently my cat is TERRIFIED of my new sheets. He would stand on the blanket on my bed but when I set him on the actual sheets he jumped like I set him on a hot burner and freaked. It was hilariously funny until he spazzed and clawed my arm and face.
I actually had to take the sheets off the bed and replace them with my old sheets to get him to calm down. And even then it took some convincing to get him to understand that the evil sheets were gone and the bed was once again safe for kitties. I washed the new sheets last night in the hopes that it might just be because they still smell weird or something. I haven't gotten a chance to try them out again, so I'll keep you updated.
I should also mention that just to check and make sure that there wasn't something horribly wrong with the sheets (like they were covered in Cat Repellent Bat-Spray) I went and got my other cat. When I set him on the sheets he looked at the sheets, then at me and meowed indignantly for having woken him up for something as stupid as checking the sheets. So I'm going to have to assume that my other cat is out of his tiny little mind.
Finally, I wanted to point out that when I say he clawed my face, I really mean he clawed my face.

This better not scar or everyone is going to know that I really am the evil twin.

Flavour Of The Week

Normally when people use the term "Flavour* of the Week" they're either talking about ice cream or someone's habit of getting themselves new arm candy every other week. While both of those are fine, for me it's usually in reference to words.
I get stuck on a word for a while, until it either gets worn out or I find something I like better. I also get a perverse pleasure when I notice that I've gotten my friends to start using my word**. I imagine it's a bit like Dr. Frankenstein seeing his creation come to life, the power he wields over life and death.
Okay, maybe that's taking it a bit far (although I would really love to have an excuse to yell "it's alive" in that deliciously over the top kind of way).
But for now my "Flavour of the Week" is Fucktarded.

*I fucking hate spellcheck giving me a fucking head trip about spelling things the proper way. Fuck you, american spellcheck. It IS spelled with a "u".

**By "my word" I don't necessarily mean I made them up, just that I've claimed them. So there.