Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Idea Bad Idea

Good Idea - Making hashbrowns and eggs.
Bad Idea - Not looking at the spices before you dump them on your hashbrowns.

I got home late last night after work and as it had been a really long day I was hungry. So I decided to use up a couple of the baby potatoes I bought last week and make hashbrowns and eggs. I cut up the potatoes and boil them, then dump them in to the pan. They get some pepper, some garlic, a little dill and some cayenne.
But wait. Why is the cayenne a funny colour?
Because it's cinnamon.
Last week I made gingerbread cookies and somehow, when I put the spices back in the spice rack, the cayenne got pushed to the back and the cinnamon got put in its place.
Damn it all to hell.
By that time it was 1am and I was fucking starving so I decided to just say "screw it", just add the cayenne and move on. I don't know if it was necessarily a bad idea, but it certainly wasn't something I'd do again on purpose. And it was made even weirder by the strong cinnamon smell coming from the hasbrowns.
I did eat them. I was too hungry and too lazy to make more or just toss them. They weren't terrible. They weren't good either. I think that if I was still eating cheese wiz they might have been okay (cinnamon bagel and cheese wiz = awesome), but the ketchup just didn't cut it. Neither did the toast and cream cheese (though cream cheese, as it always does in my opinion, made it better).
So lesson learned. Always be careful to follow your own filing system if you have one and always look at the label on the spice jars before you dump them on your food.


todd said...

it is funny how that works sometimes.

Gwenhwyfar said...

True. And it's really stupid because my spices are one of only a handful of things that I'm picky about them being in order.