Thursday, April 29, 2010

Team Edward?

Yeah, you could say that.
Wait... who the fuck were you talking about?

Monday, April 19, 2010

An Issue Of Distance

Like most people my age, I'm pretty pro-internet. I spend a lot of time entertaining myself with stupid online shit. It fills time when I'm bored at work, it increases the amount of useless information I have stored in my head and most of all, it connects me to all kinds of people.
I certainly count that last one as a pro, for me it's also a con.
See I have plenty of friends offline (believe it or not) and I also have plenty of friends online, some of whom I've met and some I haven't. My friends online are scattered all over the world. They're great people who I'm proud to know and prouder still to call friends. The ones I have met have been (unbelievably) more awesome in person than online and they're in my thoughts constantly.
Bu at the same time it's sad. Being scattered around the world means that they are all much, much too far away. It drives me crazy when I know someone is upset or freaking out or just having a bad day and I can't just be there. There are so many times when I say "I wish I could give you a hug" and I mean it completely. There are even more times I think "I wish they were here" whether it's just for coffee and hanging out or because I'm the one who needs a hug.
I do what I can to make the distance seem less but sometimes... it sucks balls.
I guess what it comes down to is this - I love all my friends. They are awesome. To be able to continue sharing pieces of my life with these people, I take the bad along with the good because it's worth it to me.
I just wish you were here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Speaking Of Houses

I've been thinking a lot lately about houses. Well, to be more precise, I've been thinking about what it is I want in a house, what's important, what's required and (when I get bored) what I'd want in a dream house.
I've always had a list of things I'm looking for in a home - and I do mean home, I have no intention of making a life for myself in a "house". But over the years that list has grown and shrunk again, changed and changed again.
Part of the trouble is, I'm a huge design whore. I love interior design (now there's a career I really should look in to) and I love things that make a place special. So, unfortunately, what I can afford and what my dream home looks like are not just miles apart, they're on different planets. (Slowly, I am working my way closer to the dream but for now I'm here.)
Where am I at now?
Right now I'm day dreaming. So here are a few things I would look for if my lotto numbers came through.

A closed front porch - I love them. A lot. I'm the kind of person who enjoys sitting outside without actually sitting outside. It's some kind of personality flaw, I'm sure, but it's true.

A second floor/loft -
I don't know why I have a fascination with having an upstairs, but I do. I think it comes along with my love of old houses, wooden steps and heavy banisters. I also love spiral staircases for some unknown reason.

A claw foot tub -
I am not someone who enjoys taking baths. I'm a shower person. So I know it's absolutely ridiculous for me to want a claw foot tub as badly as I do. But something about the look of them... I absolutely adore them.

A finished basement - I am, for the most part, much happier hanging out in the basement than I am upstairs. It's my retreat from the summer, especially when I don't have A/C.

A really nicely done kitchen - I cook and bake a lot. If the kitchen I have now has taught me anything it's that having a shitty kitchen is torture. Not having enough counter space, too few cupboards, bad layout, shitty lighting - it all makes doing something I love more like a chore and that's just unacceptable. Also, if I had my way, every kitchen would come with a dishwasher (whether that be a machine or someone, I don't care as long I don't have to ever wash them again).

A private library - We are talking dream home, after all. Mine would definitely have a private library. I don't even require a big room, just one room entirely devoted to my books (of which there are hundreds) with an enormous chair and a reading lamp.

A pool - Again, we're talking about my dream home here. Fun fact: I love to swim. I could happily swim every day. I just hate public pools and beaches are so damned crowded. A private pool would make me happier than I can say.

Enough room to keep a horse - This is the most cliche girl thing I will ever be caught admitting to, but I love horses. I always have. I've long said that one of my biggest goals in life is to be able to own a horse. Much like I could swim every day, horseback riding is something I would kill to be able to do every day.

And finally (for the purposes of this post anyway, I could keep going forever)

A really amazing entertainment room - Movies aren't something I just enjoy. They aren't something I watch "once and a while". They are a huge part of my life. I went to film school for a reason. Not having a good place to sit and watch movies would ruin an otherwise ideal home. Have you seen pictures of entertainment rooms people have dumped thousands of dollars in to? Yes. Like that. Maybe even a guest house converted in to one big home theatre.

Friday, April 09, 2010

That Was Strike Two

I may have mentioned that I got new neighbours a while ago. The house next door seems to have cycled through a few since my old neighbours left (I really liked them and I wish they hadn't moved). Not one of those people have been good neighbours. They've all ranged from annoying to completely obnoxious.
The latest batch, however, have been something special. One of the most interesting interesting things to note is that I actually know one of the people living there. She's an ex co-worker.
I think she should be glad that she's an ex and not current co-worker.
The last couple of weeks have gone about the same. Clearly more than one person in the house gets every other Friday off because every other Thursday they all go out and party. So at around 2.30am they all show up back at home, loud, drunk and obnoxious. Right outside my bedroom window.
I have to get up at 6.30am to get ready for work. So you can imagine how frustrating it is to be woken up and kept awake for an hour listening to the stupid drunks outside and my dog having a spaz attack.
So here's the deal, neighbours of mine. Last night was strike two. I'm finished. We're not doing this again in two weeks time because I've had quite enough.
If this happens again, I will be calling the cops. Make no mistake, I am not fucking with you. My sleep means more to me than your fun. And you know what? I won't lose a minute of it to feeling bad for doing it either.

Friday, April 02, 2010

I Give A Damn

GLBT rights issues are something very close to my heart. I give a damn. In fact, I give several million damns. The fact that at this point in our history as a species we still have people who aren't given the same rights and freedoms as everyone else is sickening and despicable.
But we can continue to fight for change and if anything was ever worth the fight, this damn well is.