Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm not a magazine kind of person. I love to read but magazines just can't hold my attention longer than it takes to look at the pictures. ReadyMade, however, is different.
I've read every issue I can get my hands on cover-to-cover and I love it. It gives instructions to build all kinds of stuff for little to no money. They have all kinds of crazy stuff in there and lots of super cool websites listed. It's a great mag for people who like to make stuff themselves and especially cool is the Macgyver challenge in each one, they give you an item (ie. packing peanuts, milk crates, wooden flats) and you have to come up with some new way to re-use it. If you've got the best entry there are prizes to be won.

I'm tired

Really, really, really, really tired... I'm running on 3 hours sleep over the last 3 days and all I want to do is go to bed. It's not gonna happen though because I have to work until 9pm and be back at work by 9am tomorrow.
Being this tired makes me feel drunk, only without having to spend any money and without the hangover.
I need a nap.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

From me to you 2

The bitterest (and probably the worst) piece of advice I can give anybody is not to trust anyone, at least don't put too much faith in them. People can't be trusted, for anything, ever. The more people you put your absolute trust in, the more you're gonna end up looking foolish, feeling like an ass and becoming bitter and jaded which is a shitty way to go through life.

I feel sick

I hate that sick feeling that settles in my stomach right before I freak out. I hate freaking over something I'm worried about. I hate worrying about nothing. I hate when the nothing I'm worrying about actually turns into something. So I spend a lot of my time being worried and hating every second of it and if I could turn it off I would - trust me. I get this all consuming worry that makes me sick and distroys any slim chance I had of sleeping. Every minute that ticks by that I can't sleep because I'm worried is one more minute where I can worry more and imagining things that are worse. It's sick, really.
There's a small part of me that's still rational and it screams that I'm worrying about nothing and making myself sick for no reason, but the frantic and panicy part of me seems to be louder and usually wins out.
Maybe it's just the caffiene, but I feel sick.
Stupid everything.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

From me to you

I wouldn't really consider myself old (actually, I don't think anyone over 8 considers 21 to be old.), but I've lived long enough to learn some things the hard way. Some of these lessons could be walked off or at least didn't leave any scars, others were more of a pain both literally and figuratively. To save some of you some time, energy and trips to the emergency room I'll post some of them here from time to time.

Bleach burns, even when diluted with a shitload of water, especially your eyes. It feels like your eyes are on fire, you can't see a damned thing, you curse the man who ever came up with the evil stuff and you wish God would just let you die. I can't stress this enough... Be careful with the bleach.

Thermite burns really, really, really hot and you can't put it out. Don't play with thermite. (I learned this one from a friend.)

Jumping from the railing of a high deck onto a trampoline is a bad idea. It may sound like fun but you'll probably end up bouching right off the trampoline and, if you're really unlucky, slam into the fence located next to it.

When a friend tells you they've decided to learn how to juggle flaming torches and breath fire, be afraid, be very afraid (especially if they're teaching themselves). While they're learning to jugle the torches you may want to consider learning the fastest way to the Emergency room and the number for poison control. When they get really good at it it's super cool, that first while when they're learning is a litte scary though.)

Friday, August 26, 2005


I've got a pretty eclectic taste. Weird things make me laugh and none of them seem to go together very well. So as long as I'm writting this blog I might as well share some of them, trivia, rants, random thoughts, aguments over them that need to be settled and so on.
The Muppets is still one of my favorite shows. Statler & Waldorf are my heroes. That being said, the newest dispute between G and myself (honest, we do get along, we just debate.... alot...) is over the name of one of the muppets.

Now this dude if usually found behind a piano and being cool. His name is Rolf... that's right, Rolf. Not Ralph.

Easter Island Hats

It's been a long time disagreement between G and myself as to whether or not the Easter Island Heads wear hats or not.
G thinks I'm an idoit for even suggesting such a thing, going so far as to draw me a little picture of an EIH wearing a little party hat. (If I can find it I'll post it later.)
Well G, you're a jerk (which is beside the point realy) and I was right. I even found pictures... and not one party hat in sight.

Skeletal art work

The link to this guy's website is in the side bar and I'd recomend checking it out. He's got some of the strangest and funniest pictures. I love the whole consept and how it's really really creepy.
Cudos Micheal on freaking me out and making me laugh at the same time.

End of Series...

I had lost touch with Myst for a while, but after buying a new computer and finding Myst 1-3 on DVD and picking up Myst 3: Exile for PS2 I've rekindled my love for the Myst world and the game play in general. I'm still searching for my very own copies of Myst IV: Revelation and Uru: Ages beyond Myst, and I have high hopes for both.
Myst V is the final instalment in the Myst series and from what I've seen it looks incredible. (but after every thing they've done I'd be disappointed if it was anything short of spectacular.)
I can't say I'm not sad that this will be the final Myst, I've been in love with the series from the first time I got my hands on a copy of the very first Myst. I'm also a little disappointed to hear that this game will no longer feature the live action characters I've come to know and love. The lack of live action worries me, but I'm still anxious to see what they'll come out with.


My remote has returned home and is is doing well. My DVD player is relieved and happy he's home.
Thanks to all the volunteers who tirelessly combed the countryside.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stress isn't fun

I can't believe how crazy life has become in the last month and how much crazier it's going to get.
I now have 2 months to finish a make-up project, work is going to be picking up again inside the next month, I have my friend's wedding make-up to do... when it rains, it pours.
I'm not really complaining about the make-up gig, it's what I've wanted to do since I was about 12 and I'm having a shitload of fun. It's just getting to be crunch time and I'm starting to panic a little. So far we haven't got a good life cast, but I've never done a full head/shoulders before, so I think we're doing pretty damned good. (after halloween I should have some pictures)
More work right now would be nice... being broke suck and it adds to the stress. On the other hand, having some free time is nice when I'm freaking about other stuff.
My friend and co-worker Kt is getting married (congrats by the way) and I'm doing her make-up for her. It's not a really big job or anything terribly fancy, but it's her wedding so I want it to be perfect. (I'm sure she does too.) I'm glad I can do it for her really, she's a great person and I like that I can help. Hopefully the test run goes well and we can decide on something that isn't painfully difficult and looks awesome.
It's just gonna be insanity from here on out.
It's a damn good thing I work well under pressure.

A Tale of Two Sisters

If you haven't seen this movie yet I would definately recommend it. This is by far the best horror movie I've seen in years. Some people may be jaded by the cheap american knock-offs of good asian movies that Hollywood has been pumping out recently, but this movie is still amazing. Even after a second viewing of this movie I was still impressed by the scares and caught lots that I missed the first time around.
If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a copy to buy, let me know.

Upon the Ashes

Upon the Ashes is an awesome local band that kicks a whole lot of metal ass. They're in the studio now doing some recording and I'm super excited to hear the final product.
Check out their website... it's in with the links.
The scary looking redheaded guitarist is my little brother... though he's more brother than little.


If anyone happens to find my remote would you please return it. It disappeared yesterday and my DVD player is distraught.

In the begining...

there wasn't much.
I'm a long time blog reader, first time Blogger. I'm gonna try to update and add new stuff whenever I get the chance and we'll see how it goes. (Which is a nice way of saying you'll have to bear with me while I figure out what the hell I'm doing.)