Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100 Things About Me

I'm stealing ideas from Mr. Fab today because I'm too damned lazy to come up with my own. (That and reading his list made me curious to see if I could come up withh 100 things about myself.)

1. I'm a girl.
2. I'm Canadian.
3. I have two cats, they're both boys. Names - Ozzy and Dorian (bet you can't guess what colour he is).
4. I've been to film school for Make-up design for film and television.
5. I finished film school at the top of my class (graduate with honors) which is the best I've ever done at anything.
6. I'm allergic to perfume, aspartame and bananas.
7. I have kidney disease.
8. I'm terrible at spelling and I worry about it whenever I write anything.
9. I've seen every episode of Star Trek TNG, in order.
10. I love Babylon 5, but only seasons 1 - 4.
11. I love old movies (TCM is my favourite channel).
12. My taste in men is a bit odd and I like older men.
13. Thirteen is my favourite number.
14. I've been in five car accidents, three were my fault, one totalled my car.
15. I own two large coffins, both were made by family members and were given to me at christmas (one was carried by family members down a main street by the pallbearer handles on christmas morning) and about 7 small coffins. All but one were given to me as christmas presents.
16. I would like to have more coffins, lots more.
17. I own all of the Marx brothers movies.
18. I taught myself to knit and knit often.
19. I taught myself to make chain mail.
20. I watch at least one movie every day, I don't know why.
21. I love my couch more than I love most people.
22. I've been a vegetarian since 1997.
23. I smoke when I'm stressed.
24. I hate wearing socks and only wear them when I have to.
25. Only a handful of people can claim to ever have seen me in a dress.
26. I've read all but the very last book in the Vampire Chronicles series.
27. I never write in cursive, I can, I just don't.
28. I only need three more badges to get my life guard's certificate. I will probably never do that.
29. I have broken four of my fingers and set them all myself. I never did bother going to the hospital.
30. I've broken four of my toes, three all at once, the other by itself. Breaking toes sucks more than breaking fingers.
31. I broke my foot falling down the stairs while carrying a microwave. I still went to work the next day and walked around on it.
32. I broke my wrist a number of years ago and broke out in chicken pox the day after. This was in the first week of summer vacation. (worst summer ever)
33. I have more scars than I can count, most of them I don't remember getting. The larger ones all have stories, all of them involve me doing something stupid.
34. I share a birthday with JFK, Danny Elfman, Bob Hope and Melissa Etheridge.
35. I've seen every episode of M*A*S*H*, in order.
36. I had to clear out an entire cupboard just to make room for my coffee mugs. (I have a problem, leave me alone.)
37. I wear size 10 shoes. I have big feet. Leave me alone.
38. I am a life long insomniac.
39. I never have good dreams, they're always terrible and they usually wake me up.
40. I read comics and I own more than ten graphic novels.
41. I love Hellboy and B.P.R.D. (Mike Mignola is fucking amazing.)
42. I've never been to Disneyland and have no desire to go.
43. When I was really little my hair was blond, it has gotten darker over the years and is now dark red/auburn.
44. For a number of years I died my hair frequently and had forgotten what colour my hair actually was. It has been Fire engine red (which made me look like Scully according to my friends), blue, purple and black. The black lasted for three years.
45. My hair used to hang down almost to my knees, I cut it off out of spite.
46. I've been growing my hair out again, mostly out of laziness/cheapness.
47. Back hair grosses me out.
48. Accents, especially british accents, turn me on.
49. I've seen every episode of Are You Being Served? (including the movie, the very bad, completely awful movie).
50. I read, a lot. And I read really fast.
51. I've read about half of the James Bond novels (the ones Ian Fleming wrote anyway), they're really bad but I love them anyway.
52. I have an affinity for 50s kitsch and esthetic.
53. I love Columbo and Quincy M.E. enough that I bought them on DVD.
54. I dislike children.
55. I'm a gemini. That is my reason for being insane.
56. I have a terrible temper.
57. I hold grudges.
58. I'm fairly certain I have ADD.
59. I only ever drink bottled water (like from a water cooler), I blame that on the shitty tap water in Regina.
60. I'm a total sucker for animals.
61. My biggest goal in life is to have the money to afford my own horse.
62. I never watch the news and I can't remember the last time I read a paper.
63. Black really is my favourite colour.
64. I have a septum piercing.
65. I have plans for several tattoos. I have one so far. (In hebrew it says "this too shall pass" around my right middle finger)
66. I was born in the year of the rat.
67. I own enough cookbooks that I had to build a special shelf just for them.
68. I love to bake.
69. I own three sewing machines.
70. I can use most power tool competently.
71. The sound of the vacuum will drive me out of the house.
72. I have excellent hearing.
73. I shower, baths gross me out.
74. When I die I would like to be cremated on a funeral pyre. Seriously old school.
75. I'm most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt.
76. I've won two public speaking competitions.
77. I've only voted twice in my life. Both times because I was guilted in to it.
78. I've been told many times that I am intimidating. I think that's hilarious.
79. I love penut butter and pickle sandwiches.
80. I love pickled herring, sauerkraut and smoked eel. I blame this on my german side.
81. I could eat sushi every day and be happy.
82. I love every kind of ethnic food I've tried so far.
83. I am a horrible food snob.
84. I like to debate but I was never on the debate club at school.
85. I was in the chess club.
86. I'm a Mac owner and I don't care what you say, my Mac could kick your PCs ass any day.
87. My taste in music is eclectic.
88. I own a record player and many records. (highlights of my collection - The Beatles White Album and An Evening With Groucho)
89. Excluding weddings and funerals I've only been to church 5 times in my life. All five times sucked.
90. I'm not religious but I am very spiritual.
91. Penn Jillette is one of my all time favourite people.
92. I watch way too many cartoons.
93. I can pick out my favourite voice actors. (Yeah, I have favourite voice actors.)
94. I'm not a morning person and so help you god if you wake me up.
95. I never nap.
96. I can't sleep on my back. I don't know why.
97. I draw, paint, air brush and sculpt but I don't carve.
98. I am really picky about pens. I don't know why. Some just bother me a lot.
99. Gambling has never made sense to me, although I do buy a lotto ticket every once and a while.
100. I am completely neurotic.


Fallen Priest said...

If we met it would be the most bad ass thing ever, horrible for the rest of the world as we took over, but bad ass for us!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...we are compatible in some ways, but on the other hand I am a morning person who would have to have his back waxed regularly.

Gwenhwyfar said...

FP - Can we invite the four horsemen of the apocalypse? I know they'll be super bummed if they get left out.

Mr. Fab - You go right ahead and be a morning person, so long as you don't wake me up. As for the back hair... what are we talking about? Sparsely haired or welcome mat?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Sparse. I'm not a gorilla.

Avitable said...

Hey - is someone disparaging gorillas?

A few comments:

1. My PC can kick your Mac's ass.
2. Is "Penn Juliette" a different person than "Penn Jillette"?
3. Those last few Vampire Chronicle books were horrendous, but I kept reading, and I don't know why!
4. When are you going to knit me a chain mail shirt?

Clay said...

Of course we can bring them, they are good friends of mine, but they ride behind us!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Mr. Fab - I think I could deal with that.

Avitable - It was Fab! He was! Not me!

1. You wish.
2. Nope, same guy. Told you my spelling is terrible, I even read it over twice and I still missed that.
3. They were getting pretty bad. Although I did enjoy Blood and Gold, mostly just because I love Marius. When I heard the very last book was another cross over I didn't even bother (I hated Merrick that much).
4. Maybe after christmas. You should be warned, Coco, chain mail will rip out any hair that gets tangled in it.

Clay - I don't mide where they sit, just keep in mind that death gets all pouty if he has to sit in the middle. I really don't want to have to listen to him whining the entire time.

Avitable said...

Trust me - my PC can run circles around the best Mac out there - it's custom built, overclocked, and provides oral sex on command.

And re: chain mail. I've had hair waxed and even threaded, so I can handle chain mail on my gorilla back. Ooh - or a pair of chain mail manties!

Ask said...


48. Yes, we are the best.
51. And your top two Bonds are..?
66. High five year-of-rat buddy!
71. What if it's a robot?
93. Who doesn't? I was surprised when I realised John DiMaggio voiced Fenix from Gears of War. And I was sure I recognised the actor playing Agent Pleakley in Lilo & Stitch, turns out it was one of the Tallest from Zim.
96. Same. Do you find it equally hard to sleep in cars?

Gwenhwyfar said...

Avitable - I'm sure it's a lovely computer.
And re: Chain mail. Ew, manties. That's so wrong.

Ask - 48. I told you I'm a horrible anglophile.
51. Both the movies and the books (so far) my favourites are the same. Goldfinger and Dr. No. (Sean Connery is still the best bond.)
66. Nice! I take pride in the fact that the rats come first.
71. Any kind of vaccum. They all make a horrible high pichted scream that makes me crazy. Especially shop vacs.
93. John DiMaggio is wicked hot and a red head to boot. And Kevin McDonald kicks all kinds of ass. (Tallest red and Tallest purple were so awesome.)
96. Actually something about riding in cars makes me sleepy. I think it's the white noise.

Ask said...

Listening to the commentaries for Futurama makes all kinds of voice-actor strangeness.

I got a jade stamp made with my name in Chinese with a rat as the holder while in China. Shit I wonder where I put that.

Go Rats! Employ Cunning Power!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Futurama commentaries are the BEST! I just love listening to John DiMaggio laugh. He's got one of the all time best laughs ever.

Jade stamp!? Holy shit! That's awesome! (I love jade a whole bunch, I just wish it weren't so damned expensive.)

And that totally sounds like a really cheesy superhero call for action. Like The Zodiac Rangers or something. (hmmm... that could sell. Now to pitch the idea to network executives.)

Ask said...

It is not surprisingly super cheap over there. This thing is about 5"
by 3" by whatever and cost about three quid. I also brought back a
jade wristband and jade chopsticks. About a fiver.

The chopsticks snapped very quickly, the band I wore 24/7 (because it
wouldn't come off) for a year before it too snapped.

Gemini Twin Attack!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Aw, I'm so jealous. Jade jealous. You could say green with envy.

Gemini Powers Activate!

Ask said...

I will stop clogging up your comment pages. Drop me an email, timezone girl.