Monday, September 22, 2008

Alien Life Form? Are You Sure?

I'm stealing a page from the book of Janna today as I'm feeling lazy and uncreative. So here is a list of 10 things ALF could stand for.

1. Anal Lube Formula
2. Alabama Llama Farm
3. Angry Lizard Fights
4. Abraham Lincoln Farted
5. Ask Laurence Fishburne
6. Annoying Lazy Freaks
7. Artichoke Leaf Fever
8. Aspic Lovers Foundation
9. Alan Ladd Forever
10. Acrid Left-over Fumes


Janna said...

Amazing Leper Fondue
Almost Learned French
Attract Lurid Filth
Around Left Field
Attempting Lesbian Foreplay
Armadillos Love Furniture
Americans Leave Fingerprints
Aroused? Let's Fuck.
Aromatic Lemon Fingers
Archenemies Like Fighting

Gwenhwyfar said...