Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stupid Ice

I slipped and fell yesterday. I'd love to tell you it was an entirely graceful move on my part, but that would be a lie. I hit a patch of ice on my steps, luckily it was the bottom step and I was going down so I didn't crack my head wide open and I fell into the snow. Unfortunately I fell hard enough to jar my arms and back. So at the moment everything from the tips of my fingers to my elbows and my entire torso are completely stiff and sore.
Stupid winter.


Avitable said...

It's 80 degrees here. :P

sourpuss said...

Avi needs to shut up. :)

I slipped on ice yesterday, too! I wrenched my knee pretty bad and thought I'd be laid up this weekend but it's A-OK (thank goodness)!

I hope you recover quickly!

Robin said...

Ice is evil, I hide from it as much as I can.

The Absurdist said...

I lived in Columbia, MO during the worst ice/snow storm that they had had in 20 years. Never slipped on the ice once, even though the ground had two inches of ice thick everywhere. You know where I fell down? In the fricken' stairwell. On steps that had those friction pads on them. In sneakers...

Gwenhwyfar said...

Av - I hate you.

Sourpuss - You too. That sounds like all kinds of suck.

Robin - Agreed.

Absurdist - well played.