Sunday, December 03, 2006

Three Decades And Some Things Never Change

It was Jay's birthday (of Jason's incredibly lame blog fame) the other day, so we went out to celebrate tonight. A good time was had by all and much was drunk especially by the birthday dude. Aside from having to go out in the shitty weather, it was an awesome night.
Highlights from this evening include, but of course not limited to:

- Jason dodging the "two mead maximum" by getting others to order mead for themselves and then leaving them within reach of him.

- Boo scarring all the new people by... well... being Boo.

- Reid scarring all the new people by regaling us with his many shit stories.

- Bad drunken joke telling by Holly.

- Blackberry Mead Cheesecake.

- A fight outside the bar, not involving Jason or anyone from the party. (So Jason managed to keep his word by not giving Reid a bloody nose this year.)

- Jason falling on his ass in the snow.

So, Happy Birthday Dude. Hope it was a good one.


August said...

Happy Bday Jason. Your blog IS truly lame(why do you even have one,lol?). Hope you had a great day though!

Holly Laird said...

What a great time! Oww my head hurts today! Stupid Mead...

Gwenhwyfar said...

How dare you curse the mead!? A pox on thee! Blasphemer!

Jason Doan said...

I completely foro about the fight outside the bar until this moment.