Friday, December 15, 2006

Damn It!

I haven't been sleeping well the last few days. For whatever reason I kept waking up obscenely early. Today is my day off and for the first time in about a week and a half I was actually sleeping pretty well (by my standards anyway). So, of course, the Gods decided run their entire heard of etherial cattle over my house so they could all shit on me.
At 8.15am, which for some of you I know isn't early (but for those like me who couldn't get to sleep until around 2.30am it bloody well is), I was woken by the sound of someone pounding on my door. And I should clarify here that where I live, at this time of year, 8.15 is still fucking dark outside, so when someone wakes you up it's even more jarring.
I stumble blindly, half asleep to the door. It's nearly pitch black in the house and in my sleepy stupor I neglect to put on my glasses (not that in the dark they would have done a lot of good), but I get to the door without running into anything. It being early and me not expecting anyone, I peek through the curtain to see who the fuck it is.
There stands a man in black, hooded and all, face completely hidden in the shadow of his hood. At that point I was hoping it was Death and he had the other three horsemen down the street or something. I figure, well I can't keep Death waiting, though I was curious as to why he bothered knocking and didn't just come in. When I open the door however, I find not Death (nor War, Pestilence or Famine), but a jackass in a hoodie wearing a neon vest like a good little city worker. He's asking me to move my car. Now. Because they're starting work on the street.
This is not what I want to hear.
I can't believe that they didn't know that they were coming to do work today. And if they did know then is it so beyond the city to let people know? So maybe we wouldn't all park on the street? So we wouldn't all have some asshat waking us up so we can all tromp out in the snow?
The city has also been so kind as to neglect my street (along with countless others) when clearing the streets. The whole length of the street is covered in loose snow that you're more than likely to get stuck it and the alley is even worse. And it's snowing, again. All of this makes the relatively simple task of moving one's car into a nightmare. Especially since I'm half asleep and my car is, much like the steet, covered in snow.
It ended up taking me nearly fifteen minutes to move my car.
Now I'm cold, grumpy and wide awake.
I have a feeling that it's going to be one of those days.
Stupid everything.

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august said...

that's just cruel & unusual punishment being woken up out of a dead sleep & made to go out in the snow to move your car. maybe you should write a letter or email the city to request they inform people prior to the day. don't know if it would make a difference but i know if i were in your situation it would help me feel better(& at least they would know ONE person was pissed about not knowing beforehand).