Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At Least Joe Camel Was Subtle

So I'm at my Aunt's house finishing off one of my Christmas presents. She has a kiln and was kind enough to fire stuff for me and let me use her paints. I'm kinda thinking that she may be regretting that.
While I was painting Spider-man I happened to glance over at the shelf against the wall (she does ceramics so her basement is full of the stuff) and this is what I see:

The first thing that runs through my head is "holy shit! Those reindeer have testicles for heads!". That is also, unfortunately, the first thing to come out of my mouth.
My Aunt tells me I'm sick and that no one has ever said that before, so I show them to G. He agrees with me and points out that not only do they have sack heads, the sack heads appear to be wrinkled. He then names them the Sackalope and starts drawing them.
We laughed for like 20 minutes and my Aunt still thinks I'm a sicko, but I ask you - Are those not the most testicle like heads you've ever seen?


August said...

add a little hair around 'em & they'd be an exact replica! no one may have stated out loud that those reindeer have testicles for heads but i'd be willing to bet it's run through several people's minds.

i have a great idea. why don't you combine those reindeer w/the dora the explorer water phallic symbol toy? perfect combo eh? roflmao

Gwenhwyfar said...

Then it would be a really merry christmas.