Monday, December 18, 2006

From Me To You 17

Man, it's been ages since I've done one of these.

- I know it seems like a good idea, but trust me, making the most paranoid, insane worry wart the OH&S rep is a bad idea. A really bad idea.

- When someone tells you they don't like Christmas, that's not the cue to play 50 questions to discover the reasons behind it.

- When someone tells you they don't like Christmas, don't then start trying to convert them/annoy them by constantly talking about how great christmas is and singing christmas songs. That is the best way to get your ass kicked by a grinch.

- If you're watching a nerdy type program, let's say Babylon 5, and then get excited because one of the guest stars is someone so obscure you have to explain who he is to everyone in the room, let's say Paul Williams, you are a nerd. A really big nerd.

- If you're watching Gargoyles and you can pick out 2 or more cast members who are also Star Trek: TNG cast members and Bill Fagerbakke, you are also a nerd. Especially if you know who Bill Fagerbakke is.

- If you can pick out Frank Welker based only on his animal noises, you have entirely too much time on your hands. This is even worse if you can pick out Maurice LaMarche based only on his belching.

- Pinched nerves suck. A lot. Try to avoid them.

- When a three year old points something out in that horribly blunt kind of way, it's cute. When anyone else does it, not so much.

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Jason Doan said...

Is Bill Fagerbakke the guy who played Indiana Jones?