Friday, October 13, 2006

So I'm thinking about giving up sewing...

Halloween is coming, in case there are a few freaks left who were unaware. I love Halloween and I love helping people with their make-up and what-not. That being said, I don't know how I managed to get myself wrangled into making a costume for my co-workers two year old.
I shouldn't say that. I don't mind. I'm happy I can help out, because I remember how much my costumes meant to me growing up. I know how to sew and it's nothing terribly difficult. The problem is that making a costume involves (typically) going to the fabric store.
As much as I love to sew, my mother along with my own experiences have instilled in me a deep hate for all fabric stores and their employees.
If you hadn't guessed already, I've just gotten back from one.
What the hell is it about fabric stores that makes them so universally aggravating? The isles are always cramped, things are a perpetual mess with no regard to any actual order and their staff seems to be required to be the oldest, bitchiest, least helpful band of wankers on the planet.
I have yet to find even one fabric store with even one helpful employee. I could put up with a bitchy sales person so long as they're helpful (your level of helpfulness must be equal or greater than your bitchiness, mind you), but to be uselessly stupid and bitchy pushes me beyond what I can handle.
And of course to top off their mind-numbing douche baggery they all look at you with that "You're so stupid you're not worth my fucking time" look. Of all the bullshit, ass-hatted, bollocks - that look pisses me off faster than any other. I could just smack that look off their haggard faces with a crowbar.
I just wish that at least one person could explain to me why this is!? Why this area of sales seems to be home to the absolute dregs of sales and customer service?
I fucking hate people.


badbunnygirl said...

Bless your heart, you pineapple creator, you.
I'm sorry you fucking hate people.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Thank you for that.
It's hard not to be angry though. I'm finally starting to feel better only to have these women make me sick all over again.

freakology101 said...

suck it up princess. you know and i know they are never going to change, its in their job description to be unhelpful, snotty, and just plain rude to us people that dont sew everyday like them. *sigh* what to do.....