Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Confusion

I may be the only one, but I find this package a little confusing.
For years I've wondered what the hell rabbits had to do with Easter eggs, especially when Cadbury came out with commercials including a clucking rabbit that laid eggs.
Do they really want me to believe that rabbits lay chocolate, cream filled eggs? And that they cluck? Where the hell did this rabbit/egg association come from in the first place?
Now they've added a whole new dimension to this rabbit/egg nonsense. They've moved the whole thing to Halloween. What the fuck?
This is where I put my foot down. Hershey's has gone too far.
What the fuck do eggs and rabbits have to do with Halloween? And not just any eggs and rabbits, but apparently rotten eggs and vampire rabbits.
I mean, sure, you can egg peoples houses on Halloween, but is this
something they're trying to encourage? And do they now want me to believe that not only do rabbits lay chocolate, cream filled eggs, but that vampire rabbits lay candy coated chocolate eggs? And I mean Vampire Rabbits??!! Seriously?
Do they drink the blood of the living so they may continue in their unholy existence and serve as spokes-rabbits for their unborn chocolaty offspring? And why would they want you to consume said chocolaty unborn offspring?


Jason Doan said...

The oddest things get you all worked up.

Fallen Priest said...

Come play with me!

Gwenhwyfar said...

The oddest things get you all worked up.

*Shrug* Gotta keep myself entertained somehow.