Friday, October 06, 2006

Lesson Learned

There's been an on going battle at my house, between Naiomi and myself.
She likes lights, lots of them, bright lights. I, however, am quite content to sit in the semi-dark. So when a few bulbs burnt out around the house I wasn't frantic to replace them. In fact, the light in my room has been burnt out for months and I have no plans to replace it at all. But Naiomi, being the crazy person she is, bought some new bulbs and replaced the dead ones.
After she replaced one of the bulbs in the bathroom I noticed that there was some mold starting to grow up near the ceiling (yeah, I know. We've gotta get a fan in there). I decided I should do something about it before it got worse, so I got out the bleach and some rubber gloves.
My cats, the assholes that they are, get in to everything, so I closed the door to the bathroom and set to work. A tub of hot water and bleach later the wall was sparkling clean and my eyes were burning. Closing the door was probably a bad idea, thinking back on it.
I really didn't think that I was using that much bleach or that I'd been in the bathroom for long enough for it to be a problem, but stepping out of the bathroom I realized I had misjudged.
Suddenly I felt like I couldn't breathe and all I could smell was this horrible sour smell (which also became a nasty taste in my mouth). You know that sour, bleachy kinda smell that lingers in your nose after you've been swimming for a long time? Yeah. Now imagine that as all you can smell in an overpowering stench kinda way. Let me tell you, it's not so much fun as it sounds.
Like all perfectly rational people who realize they can't breathe, I panicked. Panicking, by the way, doesn't help so much with the not being able to breathe. So went outside to see if the fresh air would help.
It did, a little, with the breathing - not the smell.
I then called the health line who put me in touch with poison control. After about an hour on the phone with them, they decided I didn't have to go to the hospital but made me promise that if I got worse that I would go immediately.
This morning I was still feeling shitty so I got to spend about 2 hours at the doctors office.
The moral of the story is, this is all Naiomi's fault.
If she would have left the bathroom dim like it should be I wouldn't have noticed the mold and I would never have gotten myself in to this mess in the first place.


badbunnygirl said...

Really? All her fault? What about the cats?

Gwenhwyfar said...

Okay, also the cats. But we're talking like 80-20% blame ratio here.

Gnomey said...

And if the light bulbs were left burnt out, and the mold was left to go forth and prosper, I'd be posting in MY blog about how it's your fault we've been poisoned by mold.

But then, blogs are for dorks.