Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Death Of Khan

I was really hoping that this year would, at very least, start off better than last year. But no. Here I am writing yet another fairwell to one of my favourite people.
Ricardo Montalban passed away this morning. Taking with him one of the all time greatest voices, ever. No one else could have been Khan or Mr. Roarke or could have made the phrase "fine corinthian leather" so damned sexy. Really, there have been few people who could make anything sound so damned sexy.


Janna said...

Wasn't this sad?
I watched "The Wrath Of Khan", just to sort of pay my respects.

Love those little creepy crawly insect/crustacean/icky things that burrowed their way into a person's ear and into their brain.

I suspect that might be what happened to George Bush.

For all we know, he was able to pronounce the word "nuclear" just fine before it happened....

Gwenhwyfar said...

I actually cried when I read the news and then I watched Khan. (and the Search for Spock because the end of Khan makes me cry and I need to see that Spock is okay again)
Bush and all his freaks remind me of that episode in season 1 of TNG "Conspiracy". I would imagine that Cheney is host to the "mother" and you'd have to kill him to kill the rest of the hive.