Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh Yeah, We're Mature

I seem to be getting along alright with everyone at the new job but I had started to think that the one chick, let's call her "Sara", didn't care for me so much. It seems that we really just had to break the ice. Now that the ice has been broken we can get on with childish giggling at, well, everything. For instance...
The day before yesterday we were packing up returns for the delivery guy to pick up and Sara walked over and stood beside me. When she just stood there and didn't say anything I looked over at her and waited.
She looked at me kinda funny and said "How much do you think your box weighs?" Then she snorted, trying to stifle a laugh.
"I really don't know." I said. "It's not something I've ever really thought about. How much do you think my box weighs?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe we should ask the delivery guy how much he thinks your box weighs."
It was at this point we both cracked up.
And then today...
We were checking in new stock and pricing it. Some isn't for sale until the 11th so we were setting it aside. I had a stack of CDs ready to go and Sara walked over and grabbed them.
"I'm just going to shove these in my box."
I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. I also had another stack of CDs ready.
"Do you want to shove these in your box too?"
"Yeah, I think I can fit them in my box."
"You certainly have got a lot in your box."
"I think I can fit a lot more in my box if I shift some things around."
"Well I've got this Willie Nelson CD."
"Just one Willie?"
"Do you think you can fit more than one Willie in your box?"
"Oh yeah, I think I could fit a bunch of Willies in my box. I want to set a world record for stuffing things in my box."
"You know, while you've been busy filling up your box, I've got my box almost empty."
"Oh yeah, my box is clean as a whistle."
"I hope to have my box cleaned out by Tuesday."
And once again we both cracked up.
It's good to be such mature, responsible adults.


sourpuss said...

heh. I like "Sara".

Gwenhwyfar said...

Yeah, she cracks me up. She's so dirty.