Monday, November 19, 2007

Were You High When You Came Up With This?

What do a parrot, a flashlight and an FM radio have in common?
If you said "nothing" you'd be closer than these assholes. They seem to have gotten a wire crossed and ended up with this unholy thing.

I actually had a chance to see one in person when it turned up in the lost and found at work. I was so perplexed that I had to find out who was selling it.
In case you can't tell from the picture or the description, it's a toy parrot. The toy parrot has a belt clip for a tail. It also has a button on its back that opens its mouth and turns on the light in there. Then on the side it has a radio, with headphone jacks. (Just like real parrots, right?) Am I the only one who's confused by this?
Really, a flashlight/radio seems a little much to me, but to put in inside a toy parrot and give it a belt clip? Why? It leaves so many questions unanswered. And then to have it demonstrated in the picture by someone at least in their teens is even more confusing. Are fifteen year olds really in to parrot flashlight radios? Are they all giving up their adolescent drug addictions and cell phones for these things?
I don't know if I'll ever get the answers to my questions but I am fairly sure this is a sign that the end is near.


may-b said...

I laughed so hard I choked. What the hell is the obsession with parrots lately? I ran into a fake talking parrot today in Walmart. But this takes the cake. Dude.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...I have to have one! That's totally awesome. Finally my life will be complete!

Jason Doan said...

I actually do have a flashlight with a radio built into it, it's one of those hand crank LED ones for an emergency is not however shoved up a toy parrot's ass with a carabiner hanging off of it.

Bluepaintred said...

we have a blue hippo that when you push the button it opens his mouth laughs and a flashlight goes on.

Sadly, there is no belt clip :o(

Gwenhwyfar said...

B - That's me, killing people with humor. I have no idea why people are so obsessed with parrots, it has me worried though. And it's still at the library, so feel free to come on down and see this oddity in person.

Fab - If no one claims it I'll be sure to send it to you.

Jay - What kind of emergency kit is complete without a parrot!?

Blue - Now see, that makes sense. Blue hippos are supposed to have lights in their mouths. And everyone knows that belt clips and hippos never work out. It's belt clips and birds all the way, baby.

a stargazer said...

Haha... We sell those at the toy store. Only, they're lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) and they roar continuously and shine a red light out of their mouths.

Far more obnoxious. In comparison, these bird-things are handy! And far cooler!

-- Cole

Gwenhwyfar said...

hahaha... Now I want the whole collection! (I also want to come to the toy store and set off all the obnoxious toys.)