Saturday, November 10, 2007

In Theory

Being sick enough for all of your co-worker to notice (and avoid you and your disgusting germs) and having a boss who is awesome enough to notice, pity you and send you home to sleep it off sounds cool. In reality, it is lame, all kinds of lame. Because, while having a sympathetic boss (who doesn't want your disgusting germs) is really wicked awesome, you're still sick enough to be sent home from work.
At least I made up for completely forgetting work on Tuesday (stupid call-in) and impressed the hell out of my boss by "dragging my sorry ass in to work" (her words, not mine). I just figured my alarm had gone off, I was awake, I might as well go.
Also, getting a nose bleed while you have a cold/flu sucks more than I can say. I seriously think I'm falling apart. To bad my warranty ran out. Those replacement parts cost a fortune.

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