Saturday, April 21, 2007

Limbo: Cancelled

According to Yahoo News, the Pope has cancelled Limbo. Cancelled.
Is he allowed to do that? I mean, I know (based on this picture) that he probably eats the souls of the unbaptised*. But is he allowed to just say "Screw it, I'm tired of this Limbo shit. Go tell everyone I said it's a load of crap. We changed our minds."?
I was always pretty certain that you aren't allowed to just "change" a long standing belief and teaching within a religion whenever it doesn't work for you. But then I suppose they changed it to Limbo from "all unbaptised children go to HELL". Wasn't that sweet of them? I love when a group can play to the audience like that.
But seriously, this isn't just like them going back on "no meat on Friday", this is a big fucking back pedal because basically what they've changed is the "born with sin" idea. Now the Pope's decided that everyone is born clean.
I'm completely miffed by all of this and it's not even my religion. I've got to say this move certainly isn't instilling a great deal of confidence in the stability of the vatican's teachings and belief system. And remember, this is a religion that people have died for, killed for, gone to war for. This is religion that people build their whole lives around and it can change so drastically at the drop of a hat? You'll excuse me when I say that it sounds like a whole big steamy pile of bullshit to me.

*Seriously, in a club of fairly scary looking guys, to be know as the scariest you've got to be down right terrifying. This guy scares the hell out of me (no pun intended). There is nothing redeaming about him at all. Even when he smiles he looks like he's grimacing.
I mean I know he's german, but even that doesn't account for his mug. For years I thought my grandmother had cornered the market on the german scowl, but this puts her to shame.
Did they elect this guy in the hopes that he'd be able to scare everyone in to repenting? I'm sure the number of people going to confession, just out of fear of pissing him off, doubled at least.
I keep expecting him to sprout horns and breathing fire while begining to feast on the souls of the living.

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