Monday, February 05, 2007

You Know What I Don't Love?

A lot of stuff... but that is beside the point. At this particular moment I'm talking about having a drunken roommate stumble in at 10pm smelling like some of the gamier library patrons.
I honestly have the worst sense of smell ever. Most of the time I can't smell anything at all, but this smell broke through the smell barrier. What's even better is that she had been drinking so she came right in to my room to talk to me and the smell is one that's going to linger. I couldn't even be polite about it.
I think my response was something along the lines of "Fuck dude, you stink! Really bad! Like stale booze and cigarettes!" And I'd like to tell you I stopped there, but that would make me a liar now wouldn't it? I followed it up with "Seriously, you smell like the weirdos who hang out at the library."
She wasn't really upset by what I said, but she left to get something out of her room. In her absents I tried my damnedest to shoo the smell away and then, much to my dismay she came back. Again displaying my amazing tact I blurted "Don't come back in here, you fucking reek!"
Luckily her boyfriend was waiting in the car for her and she's gone again for the rest of the night (although I think it will probably take the rest of the night for the smell to dissipate).
It's a good thing I'm not some heartless jerk, or I could have really said something rude.

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