Thursday, January 04, 2007

Here's A Fun Game!

What is it?

a) Bowl full of mealworms ----> Seriously, that's your answer?
b) Fiber One cereal ----> Way to go, genius.

a) Bowl full of maggots ----> What the hell is wrong with you?
b) Puffed rice cereal ----> You're brilliant, have a gold star.

Now here's the million dollar question... Why the fuck do they have to make cereal that looks like insect larvae? Why God, Why?

1 comment:

August said...

God here! In answer to your "pressing" question(even though you interrupted MY breakfast, ahem), I'd have to say it makes the cereal seem that much more natural since maggots & worms are just so damn(oops!'scuse my french)earthy, ya know?

Now, here's the real question:God, why do I have no life?