Saturday, August 12, 2006

Talk Nerdy To Me, Baby

Okay, so here's the nerdiest question I think I've ever asked. In fact I think it's the nerdiest thing I've ever pondered.
It's something I've been wondering since I watched two episodes of Star Trek (yes, Star Trek... insert nerd joke here). One in which (the ever annoying) Wesley Crusher falls in to a pool of water on the Holodeck and another where they demonstrate how Holodeck objects cannot exist outside of the Holodeck by throwing a book out the door and watching it disappear.
If things on the Holodeck cannot exist outside of it, then wouldn't it stand to reason that the sopping wet Crusher, stepping off the Holodeck, should have become bone dry again?
There, I've just exposed myself as a nerd.


Jason Doan said...

Perhaps when using water on the holodeck for things like swimming, they use replicator technology to make actual water? Or perhaps you just uncovered a huge booboo in Star Trek and william Shatner is sending hired goons to your house right now.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Oh no! Not Shatner and his hired goons!
Does anyone know the number for the witness protection program?

Gwenhwyfar said...

And if they used the replicator to creat water on the holodeck then I don't think it would disappear when you shut down whatever program you were running - thus leaving you with a bit of a mess.

Fallen Priest said...

Ok I'm exposing myself as a nerd, and a Star Trek Junkie!

Crusher could stay way due to the fact that water is made up of two elemental gases common to what we breath (No shit right)there for when you get wet on the Holodeck it instally takes those to elements and fuses them creating water on you, but not around you, for the full effect.

That's my theory. Deal with it.

All Hail Q!

Gwenhwyfar said...

except for the bit about Q...

Fallen Priest said...

How is what I said Blasphemy?

Isn't it more blasphemis to just not question? It has happened more then once this water thing.

Yes Q is the shizznet!