Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Probably Says Too Much About Me...

I have yet to see even a single episode of Heroes. I know, I should watch it, that's what I keep hearing. But I haven't. So before the cast of the new Star Trek was announced, I had absolutely no idea who Zachary Quinto was. When I heard some people were upset over the choice, I couldn't imagine why (actually, I still can't figure it out). And I was even more confused after I saw the movie. 
I thought he was wonderful. I have always loved Spock and Nimoy was one of two very big reasons I watch Star Trek. (The other is Bones. No, it's not Kirk. He was always my least favourite.) So the fact that he managed to play a character I know well and love and still make me very happy speaks volumes for him.
Now all that being said, I'll also point out, I don't think I'd ever really seen Zachary Quinto before the whole Spock thing. 
Here he is! Yay Spock!

Now here's my question - Am I the only one who prefers him as Spock? I dunno... maybe it's the ears, but I'm liking this look, a lot.


May-B said...

He kind of looks like a wax figure. A hot wax figure, though.

Gwenhwyfar said...

This picture is, admittedly, incredibly airbrushed but he looks just as awesome in any of the Spock pics.