Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

I have an alarm program on my computer that I use when I have to get up earlier then I would like. I had to be up at 8am to get ready for work, so I set it last night. When the alarm goes off it turns on my computer and starts up iTunes. It's really a glorified clock radio alarm, but I like it a lot better then the mind meltingly awful sound my alarm clock makes.
I have to go to work because the dancers are still there. I don't want to go. They're a bunch of harpy shrews and they make me wish I was deaf and blind. So what tune did I wake up to this morning? (I almost always have iTunes on shuffle.) Johnny Cash singing "The Man Comes Around".
I could help but think "if only". That would make for a really awesome day. Just to watch the Four Horsemen ride through a building full of these freaks. Somehow, I think they'd probably like them as much as I do. I'd even get them some coffee. Maybe a muffin or something. I mean, really, I don't imagine they have much time to stop and snack and everyone needs to eat. You can't go around Apocolypsing it up on an empty stomach. You'll just end up making yourself ill.
I suspect that it will be these thoughts that will get me through today. I feel all warm and squishy inside.


Avitable said...

You definitely need to eat before Apocalypsing!

Gwenhwyfar said...

I knew you'd agree.