Monday, September 17, 2007

Holy Gross!

It was a fairly slow night at work tonight. It's Sunday and the late movie was kind of... well... not exciting. I think the final count was a whole ten people. And three of those were double features. So you can imagine how busy I was.
Anyway, I finished everything I had to do fairly quickly. Less people means less work. And after a few dozen pages of my book I ran to the washroom to blow my nose. (Seriously, I had to blow my nose. Don't ask me why, the library makes my nose stuff up. I think it's all the dust.) I grabbed a bit of TP and I blow my nose, no big deal. I check myself in the mirror to make sure that there's nothing in my teeth or a nose goblin stuck to my shirt or something, when I notice it. There on the floor behind me. Poking out under one of the bathroom stalls.
A puddle of blood.
It's not enough blood that I'm worried about a huge injury. But it's more that a few drops. Like I said, a puddle. Enough to gross me out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not squeamish about blood. Puddles of blood in a public washroom however do, as a general rule, gross me out.
Now being that I am at work and I will have to check the bathroom eventually I decide to see if there is a source for this blood. You know, a dismembered body part or something (which would have been kind of cool). So I open the stall to investigate.
No body parts. So where's the blood from?
For any of the guys out there who may not know, many public women's washrooms have a "rag bin" in every stall. It's a small receptacle on the wall for "feminine products" after you're done with them.
The blood puddle is directly below one such receptacle. And upon closer inspection (not too close mind you... in fact, not close at all) I also notice the "splatter" around the puddle from the dripping.
It was at this point that I left the washroom. Quickly.


Jason Doan said...

And so much for eating breakfast before I go to bed...

Gwenhwyfar said...

You're welcome.
Oh and according to the guy I work with, they had something just as bad in the men's bathroom. Apparently the wall was sprayed with blood from where someone had ripped out their own catheter. He knows what it was, because they were kind enough to leave it lying on the floor.
Happy eating!

may-b said...

That is so nasty. SO nasty.