Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Birthday

If you've been coming here a while or know me at all, you'll forgive me while I state the obvious. I'm a Marx Bros. fan. I think I've got just about all of their movies and I love them all. Despite having seen them enough times to know them inside and out, they still make me laugh. So today is a special day.
It's Leonard Marx's Birthday! I'd say that you probably know him better as Chico... but then I don't expect many of you know him at all. Well it's my blog and I love him, so there.
The video clip is from Animal Crackers, It's one of my favourite scenes in one of my favourite movies. And if you don't get the line "I'm a dreamer, Montreal." please go away.
Happy Birthday, Chico.

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Gerry said...

I didn't get the Montreal line when I first saw Animal Crackers, many years ago - had to ask my Dad, who would have been in his teens when the movie first came out, what the joke was.