Monday, June 05, 2006

From me to you 12

Haven't done one of these in some time, so here's another installment for the masses.

- Humid bathroom + cloth drapes = moldy drapes. Ew. (Just trust me on this one)

- If you produce a program that needs to be registered over the phone, maybe make sure that the activation section is opperational once and a while. Like lets say one of those days within the 15 day time limit given.

- Don't complain about my pets. They live here, you don't. I love them and you're replaceable. Understand?

- Cream foundation is meant for news anchors and television actors, not for street wear. If you're applying make-up like fucking spackle, you're doing it wrong.

- Your foundation should be the same colour as your skin. Colour match at your jaw line, not your fucking hair line. People with "clown face" should be smacked by everyone who has to look at that shit.

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