Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Seriously, what the hell? pt. 2

Maybe I should write about work more often. I like my job, but it gives me reason to vent more often than I would like.

I was at work a few days ago and this horrid woman and her voluminous daughter came up to look at the CDs and spoken word. (I was shelving CDs.) They proceeded to have a conversation along these lines... (keep in mind these people were 5 feet away from me and well within earshot. Not being deaf or blind I could see and hear them just fine. They apparently think the world works like a cartoon and no one but the person you're talking to will hear you.)

Gross Daughter: MooOOooom! Who's the man called Cash?

Gross Mother: Who?

GD: The man called Cash. Who is that?

GM: Johnny Cash.

GD just stares at her blankly.... kind of like a hippo in headlights.

(At this point I was ready to throw myself down the escalator.)

GD: (Standing directly across from me and looking at me) I can't find what I want! (I make a point of not looking up or responding because I have a policy about acknowledging people who don't address me civilly.)

GM: What do you want?

GD: Some Stephen King or something.

GM: (indicating me, by pointing) Maybe she knows something.

("I know you're a stupid manner-less bitch." I think to myself.)

GD: You want me to, like, go and ask her? (By the tone of her voice you'd think she was the queen of France making reference to some who cleans the shitter.)

Now I could have looked up from my work and asked them what they needed help with, but this level of rudeness doesn't inspire me to be overly helpful or friendly. If she wanted help she'd have to use her words like a big girl, and god help her if she doesn't say please.
She eventually did come and ask for assistance, she didn't say please and I didn't try very hard.
I walked her over to the shelves she could have easily checked herself and found nothing for her. I wasn't going to spend time digging for anything either. I also wonder why she wants it in spoken word. She's not visually impaired. My bet is she can read anything with more than 4 letters, Stephen King's out of her league, Dick and Jane's more her speed.
Then to top it all off, she actually walked away from me as I was trying to find what she was looking for. I took longer than her ten second attention span could stand.
Some people should be forced in to sterilization programs.


Jason Doan said...

"Some people should be forced in to sterilization programs."

I vote for this guy:

Gwenhwyfar said...

He's got my vote!

Fallen Priest said...

All I can really say is that sometime scorch and burn is the best policy.

Anonymous said...

Some people don't know who johnny cash is. He does not appeal to some. This may seem crazy, but it is true.