Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seriously, what the hell?

I work in a library. It's one of those places that's been stereotyped in countless movies through the years, generally shown as a quiet place, full of quiet, well mannered people and stern, bespectacled, bun wearing, librarian silence Nazis. This is, unfortunately, far from the truth. In reality it's full of loud mouthed, rude, impatient people who have no where better to be (or no where period) and no librarians shushing anyone, ever.
It's not the noise of the people I'm opposed to. What do I care if people want to talk at a reasonable level? What I have an issue with is the rude and impatient people.
We have a decent size movie collection where I work, both VHS and DVD. Part of what I do is reshelving these when they are returned. We put all the movies in order on the trolly, push it out on the floor and put them away. Doesn't sound to hard, does it? It shouldn't be, but that just isn't the way when the vultures are out.
You walk out into a crowd of people who all want a look at what you've got. They tear apart the trolly you just spent 10 minutes sorting out and will quite literally push you out of the way. It's frustrating and on more than one occasion I've wanted to smash some one over the head with a box set. (It definitely doesn't help that a lot of these people have needed a shower since 1982.)
I was one of those days yesterday.
When I shelve DVDs I grab as many as I can and empty or not, 50+ cases are awkward to work with. With my load of DVDs I made my way to their section, just as I set down the first one I hear the one thing I never want to hear in this situation - "Oooh! I got hear just in time." The woman is standing just behind me, if I take a half-step back I'll bump into her. She's not moving either. I can smell her awful perfume and feel her breathing down my neck. I know her type, I deal with them all the time, and they make me angry every time.
She's one of those people who doesn't think I'm a person, who doesn't care that I'm trying to do my job, who's too fucking self-involved to notice something like personal space when it mean she might not get everything she wants. I'm also willing to bet that she's also one of the messies, one of those people who pull everything off the shelf and leave a huge mess for me to clean up.
I try to concentrate on my work. She follows my every move. My shadow gives me more breathing room. I want to scream at her. "Get the fuck away from me!" I set a DVD down, she picks it up - and replaces it in the wrong spot. She saw me put it away, she knows where it belongs, she doesn't care. She's a messy.
I finish off my armful and go back for more. Someone's gotten at the trolly already, animals. They've made a mess of it and I have to try and sort it out again. By the time I get back to the DVDs there are two of them, Ms. Messy and now a Mr. Messy, great. The woman goes back to following me, the guy just stands in my way and I have to work around him - but don't worry, it's not like I'm a person or anything.
My new armload isn't sorted perfectly so I end up having to bounce back and forth from section to section, Ms. Messy has become even more annoying by standing to damned close as well as getting in my way.
I finish off the DVDs as quickly as I can. They're still destroying the entire section when I leave.
I put away the VHS. Less people want VHS, less people bother me. There are a few questions, none that are headache inducing, one asshole who's wearing enough cologne for five or six people (which is definitely headache inducing), and one really creepy guy who's looking a little to long at the pregnancy/baby videos.
When I'm done I notice that the assholes at the DVDs are done so I go back an straighten up. The trolly took me 15 minutes to put away, it takes me another ten just to sort out the mess they made. Fuck.
What the fuck is wrong with people these days that they can't wait 5 minutes for me to do my job? I'm not going to start working faster because you're standing in my fucking way and I'm certainly not going to help you out if you can't do something as basic as respect my personal space.
I'm at work, that doesn't make you any more important than me. Treat me like a person you dumb fuck and I might try to help you out.


Jason Doan said...

I fail to see what is preventing you from telling someone to back the fuck up if they are breathing down your neck. Is this another one of those things I just don't get beause I'm imposing enough that people don't generally trifle with me?

In any event, sorry you had a shitty day. Maybe I should come by on my days off and glare menacingly at idots until they walk away.

Fallen Priest said...

It would be a shame if you "accidently" ram one of these assholes with the trolly. ::evil grin::

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I was so wrapped up in my work that I didn't see you standing right behind me"

Gwenhwyfar said...

Hahahaha... Jason, unless people know you I don't imagine they'd try to fuck with you. (That being said, I know you and I'm not afraid.)
You should bring Reid with you... I'd bet a large some of money that no one would get out of line.
FP, believe me, I've thought about it. Really I have. I've also considered how much trouble I could get into for "accidently" shoving these people down the escalator.

Gwenhwyfar said...

I was going to make another comment about people at work, but I'll just write another post...