Monday, January 02, 2006

Stuff to keep yourself amused.

I came across Altering Time the other day and found myself going back on a regular basis. They've quickly become one of my favourite places to go for one simple reason - Asylum. Asylum or Political Asylum is a game they've got on their site and I enjoy it a great deal.
Basically, there is a country with two ruling political parties that have become horribly stagnant. When you join the game you start up your own party, hire advisors, try to keep the different religions and special interest groups happy with you, run commercials knocking or endorsing different issues, run smear campaigns against your opponents, gamble, hire assassins, buy yourself a HQ building, pay for signs, security, appearance, and logos and fight for power to rule the country.
I'm not an overly pollitical person and I still love this game. I'm also excited that they've got a new game coming called Engeneering Faith. It sounds like it should be great, but I'll keep you posted once it's up and running.
If you want to check out Asylum or the rest of their site (I'd suggest at least checking out their WTF sites found in the features.) go to

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