Friday, November 11, 2005

Yeah, yeah, I know it's November

But here's some more Halloween shit anyway.
I finally got some Halloween pictures loaded onto my computer. They aren't the greatest, but then they were taken by my mother who is actually a worse photographer than I am. Fortunately I have more pictures waiting to be developed... hopefully they're better.

These are my buddy Matt... he's a fish guy. I think the Best name we came up with was Jack. (My dad actually came up with that one... he's a fisherman.) I'm really not happy with the edges of the appliance and the back of the bald cap. We had some trouble with the mold and casting another appliance wasn't possible so I had to work with what I had and the back of the bald cap was just not cooperating that day... but considering The time and budget I was working with and that this was just for a house party I think we did pretty damned good.

Here's one of Julz...

and finally here's one of my pumpkins.

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