Saturday, November 19, 2005

Save The Court

Night Court has been a favourite show of mine for... well... a very long time. I was ecstatic when season one came out on DVD. Now I'm hearing rumors that they won't be releasing any more seasons! I could cry!
What will I do without more Dan, Bull, Selma.... Oh god!
I'm urging anyone who loves, even likes this show to go and pick up season 1. An increase in sales for season 1 (and from what I've heard, the planned "best of" discs) will prompt more seasons.
If not for me, do it for all the people who want more... do it for yourself.


freakology101 said...

when you buy it....sent it my way, lol

Gwenhwyfar said...

hahaha... you should change your name to moochology101.
Oh man, I'm a jerk.