Saturday, November 12, 2005

Don't ask, I don't know.

So I went out for coffee with Chris earlier. I've known this guy for years and no matter how many times it's happened I'm still amazed at some of the bizarre discussions and debates we get into. So true to form we got into a debate on the ride home, the subject for this evening you ask? Are Pirates or Ninjas cooler? (I wish I was making this up.)

My immediate answer was (of course) - ninja pirates. (That would be ninjas acting as pirates and not vise versa.) But I was met with an absolute no on that one.
His argument? Ninja prates do not exist and therefore are not a legitimate answer. Pirate skills (like ninja skills) are a specialized group of skills and outside the scope of a ninja and thus making a ninja-pirate an impossibility.
My argument? Drinking, looting, pillaging, etc. are not specialized skills and any ninja would be capable of any of these activities.
These are the things that we discuss... you know, only the really important, life altering, earth shattering subjects.

On an almost related note, (I'm going to hell, but) this picture - aptly titled Pirate Nun - made me laugh... a lot... I can't believe that I'm laughing at a nun, but it's funny.

Shut up... you know it's funny.

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