Sunday, November 27, 2005


I got some amazing advice from my mother today. I mean really awesome and it's gonna save me a whole lot of time and energy too. Her sage words, you ask?
Don't bother trying to change anything because you'll never make a difference. Ever.
That's right kids, give up now, you'll never be able to make a difference at anything. Oh and trust me, it's not worth the effort just to fail. Man, I sure am glad to know that, saves me a lot of time and boy, it's really a weight off my shoulders.
Now if only someone had pointed this out to that silly ass, Gandhi. He could have been eating all that time and not walking around dressed in a sheet. Martin Luther King Jr. could have saved himself getting shot, I mean that's gotta ruin your day. Same with Lincoln. Einstein was only wasting his time, who cares if E=mc2? Not my mother, that's for sure. And besides, none of these people really made any difference, right?
Of course they didn't.
It's either that or my mother is full of shit and that is, quite possibly, the worst advice ever given.

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