Monday, September 19, 2005

From me to you 4

Driving is a privilege, not a right. People who drive like assholes should be strung up by their pubic hairs and zapped with cattle prods.

Making a U-turn at the lights is illegal and it's illegal for a reason. If you do it despite that, don't flip off the people you nearly hit.

The acceleration lane is for accelerating. You cannot merge into traffic that is going faster than you. Coming to a full stop is definitely not going to help. If you're afraid to go faster than 40, stay the hell off the highway.

The passing lane (that would be the left lane on the highway) is (oddly enough) for passing, if you're not passing anyone (or, god forbid, going slower than everyone) then you belong in the right lane. If you can't tell you're right from left invest in a bus pass.

Tailgating is not an effective way to make someone speed up, in fact it may just have the opposite effect. If you don't like the speed someone is going, go around.

The turning lane is for people who are turning... it seems obvious, I know, but a lot of people seemed to be confused on this point.

The left turning lane is for people turning left and the right for people turning right. Turing left from the right turning lane, jumping three lanes of traffic and cutting off the people who are actually in the left turning lane is not acceptable. Again, if you can't tell right from left, invest in a bus pass.

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