Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

I'm actually having trouble believing that I've been doing this four years already. It seems like only yesterday I wrote my first post. But then, I never was very good with dates.
Five blogs, 1 facebook page, twitter and a whole lot of ranting later - Kill The Body still stands.
Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me!


Stacie's Madness said...

here from entrecard.
happy anniversary!

Gwenhwyfar said...


sudobeer said...

yay!!! happy anniversary!

Robin said...

i'm tearing up, this is so beautiful.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Ed - Thanks, dude! We canadians need to stick together, right?

Robin - Do I need to come over there and smack you?

Janna said...

Four years???


Dude, I'm so depressed. You outrank me by a whole year. :)

Gwenhwyfar said...

I have trouble believing that I've been doing this long than you have. If it makes you feel any better, I'm often jealous that you have more readers and more people commenting than I do.