Friday, July 10, 2009

Grumpy Today

I'm trying really hard to be as pleasant as possible while I'm stuck at work but honestly, I'm just not feeling it today.
Yesterday I had to go to the dentist, something I've been putting off for the better part of a decade. Two weeks ago I broke a large piece of one of my molars out and yesterday was the first time I could get in.
Let me pause here and say that my dentist is one of the world's nicest people and I really do like the guy. It's his job I don't like.
As always, the bitch who cleans your teeth was, well, a bitch. A seriously cunty bitch. She even gave me shit because I said "ow" when she stabbed my gum with her pick thing. Then she gave me shit for not flossing, right before getting the floss stuck on my broken tooth and trying to rip it out (which nearly took out the tooth completely). When I said "ow" again and "that really hurts" she snapped at me.
"Fine! You get it out then!"
What the fuck, bitch?
After that, the dentist had to freeze my mouth, drill out most of my tooth and fill it (which I get to again soon as there's another cavity he wants to deal with... sigh). The freezing I hate, it's damned uncomfortable, the needles suck and it makes my face feel huge. The dental work is a load of suck. On top of which I spent most of my evening popping pain killers, drinking cold water (it was helping numb the pain) and feeling gross.
Today my head feels like someone was kicking me in the face all night and as you may have guessed, it's making me a tad grumpy.
Stupid teeth.


Janna said...

Sorry to hear about the dental crap.

Just imagine the tooth-cleaning lady in a closet filled with bitter resentful monkeys which have all been armed with tiny drills...
And one orangutan, who has just discovered that he's strong enough to wield a sledgehammer.

Does that help?

Gwenhwyfar said...

Actually it does. A lot. This is why I like you.

jennster said...

omg. did she really say that?! i would have tried to spit at her. lol hope you feel better!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Yeah, she really did. I still can't believe it. I should have bit her.