Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, Yeah, Shut Up

Let me start out by saying I hate cell phones. Over all I think they're stupid and a major annoyance. I hate that people seem to have completely given up on any kind of cell phone etiquette. I hate "text spelling". All of it just gripes my ass something awful.
But for the last seven or eight years I have had a cell phone off and on. For the most part it was something I kept for emergencies and for the better part of that time I was on pay as you go. I didn't often hand out the number because half the time my phone was dead or out of minutes or whatever. And then suddenly I found that every one of my friends had gotten a phone. They also got in to the habit of texting. Bastards.
I used to get through a whole month on $20. Between my friends calling and texting and whatever, that jumped to more like $60. Yesterday I finally said "fuck it". I broke down and got myself a new cell phone plan and replaced my antique phone with a brand new Razr 2. (Jesus titty fucking Christ... "Razr"? Are they shitting me with this? What, they couldn't afford a vowel? Gah!)

This also mean, anyone reading this who has my cell number for whatever reason - my number has changed.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, Robin. is now listed as one of the authors here. I don't actually expect her to write anything as I've added her only because we've mutually decided to go on Death Watch for each other. Not that either of us is dying at the moment (well, technically we're all dying, aren't we?) but in the event that one of us gets hit by a bus or falls off a cliff or something, the other will notify everyone what happened.
We are a chipper couple aren't we?


Hannah said...

New here.:) I will be getting a new cell phone soon. Is the Razr any good?

Robin said...

Death Watch - I like to figure out how to get the poison into your food...

Gwenhwyfar said...

Hannah - Happy to have you. And as far as cell phones go, I'm pretty happy with it so far. That being said, I only got it yesterday and anything is a major improvement over the piece of crap I was using. Oh, and it has a few ring tones that don't make me want to punch things, so you know, bonus.

Robin - I knew there had to be a downside to this... (also I love that you commented on "death watch" and not to my referring to us as a "couple". LOL)

Elliot said...

Yeah it's Razr so they can copyright it. Can't copyright words.

Where's your vicious business spirit?


Robin said...

Well, that phrasing really isn't so wrong is it? If it's wrong I don't want to be right.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Elliot - I traded it in for more bitchiness.

Robin - Agreed.