Saturday, December 13, 2008

23 Hours And Counting

In a little less than an hour I will have been up for a full day. Don't ask me why. I'm really not sure. Insomnia is a cruel master. The kind of cruel that some people pay money for in dimly lit, houses of ill repute and sticky floors where everyone wears black leather, it's not uncommon to see people being lead around on leashes, the floors are sticky but no one really wants to know why and no one should ever see fully lit. (At least, that's what I imagine those places are like.)
Insomnia coupled with a handful of painkillers and a new video game. It was just more than I could possibly have stood a chance against. I mean, honestly, I haven't even had any coffee. I just wasn't tired. (Although I did take out my contacts a little while ago, my eyes were starting to hurt.)
I'm starting to feel it now tho. I'm having trouble thinking clearly and speaking coherently. Also my arms are feeling distinctly waterlogged but then so are my legs. I guess, at least, I have a matched set. Right? Maybe I'm actually tired. Maybe it's the drugs kicking in. Maybe I'm dying from some new and exotic disease. Who knows?
If it is indeed the latter, I would like to leave my coffins to Janna, my cats to Robin, my bills to Amanda and everything else to Cole. Enjoy.
Oh and by the way, since I mentioned the new video game - God of War is so fucking awesome it hurts my brain. I'm just sad that I'm nearly finished it. I wish there was more. Kratos and me, we make one hell of a team. He's one fuckin wicked dude. We spent all day yesterday and all last night killing all manner of evil shit. And, goddamn, did we ever fuck the minotaur's shit up.


Janna said...

Thanks for remembering me in your will!
I'd also like the reaper scythe thingy and some chutney, and some autographed rocks from your lawn, and...

er, I mean... I mean, gee, gosh, I hope you don't have a new and exotic fatal disease. That would be bad. I would miss you.

Can you please sign the rocks in blue marker?

Gwenhwyfar said...

Janna, your concern is overwhelming. I'll add those things to the list of shit you get and I'll start signing all my rocks and you can just pick which ever suit you best.

Coleslaw said...

Now, see, I am coming to your blog to see if, yes, in fact, you have died. But I didn't get a load of really awesome shit in the mail, so. I guess you're still with us.

Which is good! You'd best be Skypin' me soon...