Saturday, June 21, 2008

One Down, Two To Go

I was up at six this morning. As in 6am. That was bad enough but on top of the fact that I didn't crawl in to bed until 3am made the whole thing even less fun. Now I hear you asking, "But why, oh lovely, prefect, wonderful Gwenhwyfar? Why would you torture yourself like that?"
The answer is simple. I've lost my damned mind.
A few months ago, after talking with a few people, I thought it would be a great idea to get myself a table at the local farmer's market. Just selling stuff I was making anyway. Sounds simple, right? And it really is a pretty cheap gig.
So when they called to tell me that my application for a table had gone through I got to work. I worked my ass off for weeks. I got lots done.
The first day was bad. Really bad. It was windy (and if you live on the prairie you know what I mean) and it rained. All. Fucking. Morning. I came home soaked and frozen. The second day wasn't so bad. But business was slow because it was also the weekend of an annual arts festival in the city.
Today however, today was great. I was busy, I sold lots, I made money. Good stuff all around. Oh and no wind or rain.
So where's the part where I lose my mind? Well, while this sounds all well and good, you must keep in mind that Farmer's Market is not my only job. I have two other jobs. And just by fluke, I am working all three today.
I was up at 6am (with three hours sleep) and the market at 8am, done there at 1pm (almost 1.30pm actually) so I could run to the theatre where I will work until 5pm and then run to the library for 6pm. I will get home tonight sometime around 12am.
That is the part where I loose it.
I need a nap.


Janna said...

First, send me all your money.
Then, change your identity and move to Michigan.
I'm not sayin' all your money will still BE here when you arrive (or me either, for that matter), but y'know, life is better when you take risks.

Glad I could help.

Gwenhwyfar said...

First, if I did send you all my money how would I get there?
Second, You would still be in Michigan because with the little that I do have you might be able to take a cap ride about six blocks.