Monday, June 30, 2008

A Mystery For The Ages

Can someone please tell me why the guys who hit on me (which is, admittedly, rare) are always creepy weirdos with THE worst pick-up lines EVER? I don't get it. Is that the vibe I send off? Is it my shampoo? What?
I'm seriously thinking about developing agoraphobia just so I have an excuse NOT to leave the house.


Avitable said...

You don't use Aveda's Creepo Factor Shampoo, do you? That could explain the whole thing.

Robin said...

If you would stop hanging around on the street corner it might not happen so much.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Avitable - No, I totally switched to Salon Selectives Religious Fanatic Curl enhancing formula.

Robin - I was at a garage sale! Can I help it that the guy lives on the corner?

Janna said...

It might be nice if you blogged about some of those atrocious pick-up lines.
Make a top ten list.