Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Kill The Body Alphabet

A is for Ape shit, which I'm likely to go
B is for Bitch because I am one, you know
C is for Cunt, my 2nd favourite word
D is for Dipshit, you dumbass turd
E is for Everyone who acts like they belong in the zoo
F is for Fuck as in off, which you should do
G is for Gwen, the eternal pessimist
H is for Hell and the dark throne I'm starting to miss
I is for Ignorant like most of the public
J is for Just, as is just fucking fuck it
K is for Kill but only the body please
L is for Letters I actually hope those people read
M is for Meme when I'm totally lazy
N is for Neurotic, I admit that I'm crazy
O is for Outraged which I often am
P is for Piss off which you certainly can
Q is for Q and the lovely John De Lancie
R is for Rhyming like some fucking nancy
S is for Shit, another favourite swear
T is for Thunder Cunt, yeah I said it, so there
U is for Upset which I occasionally get
V is for Victor which I haven't been yet
W is for Weblog, a word nobody uses
X is for X-rated and not needing excuses
Y is for You, the people who read this
Z is for Zany, good grief, that word's bullshit


Janna said...

I love John DeLancie!
And Q!!

Gwenhwyfar said...

Me too! (Especially in "Tapestry" when he's all dressed in white.)