Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indulge Me For A Minute

I've been sick the last few days and I'm doing what I usually do when I'm sick. I'm watching Star Trek. Season three was still sitting on the coffee table so, rather than walking to the other room, I started with it.
Now for those of you not aware of it, season three is well known as the most over-the-top season made (which is really saying something). I guess that's what happens when you know your days are numbered. Why not just say "fuck it!"? And so, episodes like "Spectre of the Gun" and "The way to Eden" were born.
In a season full of WTF moments picking out just one episode and naming it the best (or worst, depending on how you're judging them) is a difficult task. More often than not the prize is awarded to "Spock's Brain". Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to disagree completely but I just think that "Spock's Brain" is a knee jerk reaction and one I understand. It's bad.
But honestly, in a season complete with space hippies, Chekov and several other men screaming like little girls, a gun fight at the OK Corral (shitty scenery explained by aliens rudimentary knowledge of the time period... riiiiiiight), Kirk being mistaken for a native american (alien civilization) god, Kirk swapping bodies with his ex and acting like a bitchy old queen, is it really so much worse?
As I said, I've been watching the whole season yet again and I defy anyone to watch "Spock's Brain" and "Plato's Stepchildren" back to back and tell me that "Plato" isn't worse.
This scene alone puts it miles ahead of the competition.


Chris V said...

I take it my "brain and brain, what is brain? post on twitter did have an effect haha

Gwenhwyfar said...

Holy shit! I didn't even see that! Aw... Now I fee like I missed out... Damn you Twitter!

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

I’m a Star Trek junkie from way back. In fact, I’m actually old enough to have watched all the episodes when they were first aired! :-D

Frankly, I don’t care how silly or ridiculous they got--and some of them sure as hell did--they’re still pure delicious enjoyment for me. Like comfort food, but without all the fat and calories. ;-)

Gwenhwyfar said...