Friday, May 25, 2007

I'll Start Building The Shrine Now

For ages gas prices have been high. But for a while it seemed to have leveled off, even dropped a bit. A lovely 96.9. Oh yes, I remember the days. People frolicked in the streets, which of course were paved with gold. All was well in the world. And then, it all fell apart. Somehow we failed. We angered our Gassy Gods.
Gas jumped to 120.9 in one afternoon.
What had we done? Should we start sacrificing virgins? Killing the heathens? What, oh Gassy Lords, what must we do?
And then it jumped again 125.9.
Virgins were tossed into volcanoes, heathens slaughtered, the sacred "gas dance" performed.
Finally today a break in the gloom. 121.9. The Gassy Gods have smiled on us again. Dropped by 4 cents! Praise them! We will build a shrine to their greatness, to their boundless mercy. (And with that four cents momma will finally be able to afford that operation.) What a glorious day it is.

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