Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Cute Planet

I found this news report earlier today. It's not supposed to be humorous, but I find something very funny about a planet being referred to as fluffy.
They could make HAT-P-1 plush toys. And after that, they should definitely come up with a cuter name, like Snookums. That's right, planet Snookums.
Imagine being attacked by aliens from the planet Snookums. You'd never be able to take them seriously. They'd be all "We come to conquer your planet for the Snookums empire!" and everyone would just laugh and be all "Yeah right! Snookums! Hahaha!" And then they'd probably kill everyone who laughed and take the rest as slaves, slaves of the Snookums empire.
It probably wouldn't sound so damned cute after that.

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