Thursday, September 14, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady

No, not me - Naiomi. I think she's finally cracked.
Yesterday I'm lying on the couch. Both cats are lying by the front door. Naiomi walks past me and into the kitchen and to the bathroom... this is what I hear:

Naiomi: Meow!

And I'm thinking what the hell is she doing? Neither of the cats are in the kitchen. And then she comes out with this:

Naiomi: I think I'm retarded!

Me: Why?

Naiomi: I just meowed at the picture of the cat of the side of the box of litter.

At that point I just laughed, hysterically.

Naiomi: And you were wondering what the hell I was doing, weren't you? Because the cats are right there!

Me: Yeah. (laugh some more)

Her response?

Naiomi: What, you don't say hello to pictures of people?

Yep, she's lost her mind.
It took me a whole year, but I've driven her over the edge.

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