Tuesday, October 18, 2005

From me to you 6

Okay, so more driving stuff - The turn signal is a handy tool for letting the other drivers around you know where you're going (ie. Turning and changing lanes). Turning them on after you've completed your maneuver or three miles in advance doesn't help anyone. Also if you can here some strange clicking sound coming from your dash and there's a green arrow flashing chances are that you've left the signal on and you're pissing off the person behind you. Turn the damned thing off already.

If you're pregnant you don't need to let everyone know every time you pee, especially not your coworkers. We don't need to know. In fact I'll go so far as to say we don't give a rats ass.

It won't bleed so much if you'd just keep your finger out of there.

Those carry-all bags with the wheels and retractable handles are stupid. They're for yuppie assholes, not University students. You look like a douche bag with that damned thing. Get a fucking backpack already you yuppie-wannabe-shithead.

And finally, avoid mentioning anything North Korean to Narf. Definitly avoid mentioning that you think the Kim Jong Il puppet from Team America is adorable and that you want one. Trust me on this one. Seriously.

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