Saturday, December 24, 2005

Reasons I won't eat Aspartame

Aspartame scares me. It just seems so very wrong. It doesn't save you from gaining weight, in fact it may increase obesity. It's alright for diabetics to consume but there are other sugar substitutes that they can have as well that are derived from natural sources. It's also becoming a huge ordeal to find something made without it, which is a huge problem for people who are allergic to it - like me.
As little as one piece of gum made with Aspartame can ruin my whole day - and I should mention that the only gum I've found, still made with sugar, is kids gum. (ie. Hubba-Bubba) A diet pop will make me sick for days.
It's scary to thing how many people are consuming this stuff without thinking about what it is that they're putting into their systems. So when I found this article this morning I thought I would post it.

"In our experimental conditions, it has been demonstrated..that APM [aspartame] causes a dose-related statistically significant increase in lymphomas and leukemias in females at dose levels very near those to which humans can be exposed," the authors wrote in their conclusion. Only rats feed aspartame developed brain tumors. Increases of lymphomas and leukemias at the lowest exposure level was 62 percent and "an increase in the incidence of these types of neoplasias was also observed in males exposed to the highest dose."

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, MD, one of the world's leading authorities on aspartame neurotoxicity, extensively reviewed the Soffritti report. "This study confirmed the previous study by Dr. Trocho and co-workers (1998), which also found the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage was cumulative. The type of damage was a duplicate of that associated with cancers. These two studies strongly indicate that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame every day could significantly increase one's risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia.

The full article is to long to copy and paste, but please feel free to check it out at


Musawwir said...

Hi, I read through some of your blog. That bit about not being able to make a difference so why try was interesting. I understand your mom's point of view. To her it looks hopeless and she is part of a culture that views disappointment as the primary emotion. You are part of the same culture, as am I. We can see that things are out of balance but sometimes, often, we stop seeing in the struggle to simply maintain some semblance of self awareness. So, don't judge her too harshly, at least not untily you have travelled as long a road as she has. Or, what will you be like at Forty?
The Aspartame thing is totally real. Nasty stuff. I look for treats with normal sugar and just indulge occasionally.
You write really well. I enjoyed your comments on the Goth list. I have always wondered why christians thought meditation and other things of self expression were evil. It makes no sense. What do they think Christ was doing out there in the desert for 40 days? Playing with himself perhaps. Strange. Ah well there is no accounting for closed mindedness.
Keep up the questioning.

Gwenhwyfar said...

Thanks much.
I'm always glad to hear I'm entertaining more than just myself.